Women Cannabis Users Have More Sex, And This Could Be Why

Cannabis Users Have More Sex, And This Could Be Why

Cannabis can help with many different conditions, including getting a good night’s sleep and helping various ailments. Cannabis also has another benefit and that is the fact that it is beneficial for people’s sex life. Stanford University School of Medicine released a study in 2017 that showed cannabis users have 20% more sex than people who do not use marijuana. So why does marijuana help the sex life?

Sex therapists say that the reason why people have a better sex life when consuming cannabis is the fact that it relieves anxiety, elevates moods, and helps to slow the body down. It also makes a person more adventurous as well as permits for emotional closeness. For many people, they have a strong desire to be sensual and they have increased sensitivity to touch. For many people, if they consume cannabis, their orgasms are deeper and longer.

Amanda Jones, who is the co-founder of Kikoko which is a cannabis tea brand stated that cannabis with low doses of THC helps to arouse a person. This is because it stimulates the arousal hormones of the body. Cannabis decreases inhibition and helps to increase the intensity of the orgasm, especially in women. It is important to keep the THC at a low dose as it can cause a decrease in libido for men.

Some women suffer from a painful condition known as vaginismus. This condition makes it painful to have sex. Cannabis may help with this condition and improve the sex life of the sufferer. Many women have trouble having an orgasm. Cannabis has been shown to help stimulate the area, leading to the likelihood that the woman will be able to achieve orgasm. Cannabis can also help both parties to become more relaxed. This is helpful for those that might have anxiety related issues.

There are many ways that you can bring cannabis into the bedroom. Taking topical is a great way to begin especially if you have a lower tolerance. Topicals are great for pain, as well as sore muscles. There are sprays that are great for increasing pleasure. They will help to promote greater blood flow and a stronger sensation. Inhalables are also great for calming the nerves and helping people to have a good time during the sexual experience. If a person is going to take edibles, the TCH should be around 5 to 10 mg.

On the market today, there are several products out there that are made for sexuality. Dosist’s Passion Pen and Kikoko’s Sensuali-Tea are all great choices. These items are specially formulated to promote a great experience when being intimate.

If you do not wish to be high during sex, there are plenty of other options that will give you the benefits of cannabis without the high. Many people opt for CBD which can help provide many benefits without having to deal with being stoned.

The benefits of cannabis are amazing and especially important for women. Women have a different kind of sex drive than men. They are more responsive to environmental stimuli. For women to reach their orgasm potential, they must have a sense of relaxation and absolutely no anxiety. Cannabis can help lower the feelings of anxiety, helping a woman feel more in touch with her body. Cannabis will also help men with anxiety, performance issues and more. It is important to again note that using too much can be a bad thing. A person will want to make sure that they take their time to find the right dosage that works for them. It is important to start out at the smallest dosage and work up to a larger one. Too large of a dosage will cause problems for men and potentially women. It is best to find a happy medium with dosage.

A person that is struggling with their sex life may want to give cannabis a try. With so many benefits it is a great idea to see if the sex life is better with marijuana.